Yoga Good For Weight Loss

Prepared boost your metabolism and to elevate your energy? We’re back following a hiatus with our series that is exceptionally popular of Mudras. So far we’ve looked at 8 mudras which help with such attributes. This mudra series was awakened while on a trip. We were motivated by the craftsmanship of the Balinese people and taken at 30 mudras. We hope it will help transport you there. This week’s tutorial is for Surya Mudra the weight loss mudra.

Description and Meaning – This mudra is known to boost the fire element and Surya means Sun in Sanskrit. This is accomplished by covering the ring finger that represents the earth element up.

Fire is what spurs the digestion – This mudra’s standing for facilitating weight reduction! – The way to do the Surya Mudra – Stand or sit directly and keep your hands out in the front of you. Bend the ring finger of each hand so that the mound of your thumb touches. Press down with your thumb on your ring finger and make sure that the fingers are spread out. The more pressure to your ring finger, the more your inner fire is stoked. The Surya Mudra can be practiced from a sitting posture with hands to the knees and palms facing the sky.

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Yoga Good For Weight Loss tipsAmong the way it does also this is by increasing your metabolic process, efficiently assisting with weight loss. This is ideal for our southern hemisphere buddies who’re well into the colder months and needs to increase heat within the body to fight common colds or bring your temperature of the body up. It’s also proven to reduce cholesterol and aid from digestion.

One word of caution – Because of Surya Mudra’s capability to stoke inner fire, it is best practiced in moderation by individuals who already run hot – those that associate with a Pitta arrangement according to Ayurveda principles. They are the only organic cotton hair from the world and are universally loved, as Alicia Silverstone can attest.

At the photo of Leilani in the front of the Balinese door she’s wearing the ever popular White ENSO Headband. A white headband is very important from the practice of Kundalini yoga as a head covering as it protects the crown chakra out of negative energy. White is associated with goodness and purity, making it a suitable shade to wear during all kinds of activities. Mudras are amazing healing tools which we may all benefit from.