Sarvanga Asana

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Sarvanga AsanaThere are different types of asanas that you can practice so that you get the best results for your practice of yoga. If you are really serious in getting the ultimate benefits from yoga then you should try to get some help from experts who can show you how to practice in the right way. You can try to practice Sarvanga Asana where you can get lots of good benefits for your body and get rid of any illness throughout your life. If you are willing to practice yoga on a daily basis then you would be able to fee the difference in your health in a very short duration of time. You would be happy to know that you have taken the right step towards a healthy life.

We would now show you some important steps how to follow Sarvanga Asana.

  • First of all try to lie down on your back.
  • Now slowly raise your legs with constant inhalation.
  • Make sure that your legs are in a straight line with your hips as well as your trunks.
  • You can now use your hands to support the back.
  • Now try to start exhaling and then try to exhale your breath.
  • Make sure that you extend both your legs and trunks upwards and your neck should form a right angle.
  • You should try to avoid jerking.
  • Make sure that your shoulder is maintaining your body weight.
  • You should be able to remain in this position as long as possible and also make sure that you breathe normally.
  • The last step is to bring your legs down and start exhaling.
  • Lie flat and try to relax your body.

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sarvangasana benefits11Know the benefits
You would be able to derive a lot of benefits by practicing this asana. You would be able to improve your body growth and it also helps in improving the blood flow to the brain. It you were suffering from dyspepsia or constipation then the regularly performing Sarvanga Asana would be able to give you lots of good benefits for your body. This is a type of asana where all parts of your body gets exercised and activated making you fit and fine. People suffering from asthma can follow this asana as it provides them instant relief and also helps in energizing sex glands at the same time. It also helps in curing appendicitis and if you are someone who has functional disorders of ears, nose, eyes, then it would be a great boon for you to exercise this asana. You would be able to regain the youthful look all throughout your life. Another benefits that you get by performing this asana is that your heart gets rest and you can always get rid of any heart problems. It is to be noted that people suffering from high blood pressure and liver should not perform this asana. If you continue to perform any type of asana in a wrong way then it would have an adverse effect on your body and this is the reason you need be very conscious.