Salabha Asana

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Salabha AsanaYou should try to practice different types of asanas in the right manner. If you have any doubt or difficulty in performing asanas then it is always very important to get the right advice from an yoga practitioner or expert. It is for sure that it would take a lot of time to exercise for the first two or three weeks but as you continue to practice it you would be able to gain much good knowledge and become expert. So you have to make sure that you try to know how to perform the different yoga in a right way. You can perform Salabha Asana without much difficulty but you should know all the important steps that you need to follow while performing this asana.

So let us have a look at the different steps that you need to take:

  • Take a lying position ensuring that your legs are bend backwards towards the sky. Now try to fold both your hands at elbows and then try to bring them under your shoulder. Next you need to raise both your legs in the upward position and ensure that you do not bend it.
  • Now try to bring your legs down. You should make sure that you try to do it very slowly. Concentrate on your breathing while performing this asana. You need to inhale and exhale in the right way.

Repeat this exercise for five to six times.

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salabhasana benefits 1Benefits of Salabha Asana

Salabha Asana has got lots of good benefits for your body. You would be able to improve your posture and this asana also helps in the blood circulation of your body. This asana when practiced daily can also help you in strengthening the muscles of your lower abdomen. You would be able to feel the difference in a very short time and you would be glad to find that you have made the right effort in maintaining your health performing this asana. If you have problem with your digestive system then you should try to do this asana. You would also be able to feel much relaxed after performing this type of asana. This asana helps in stimulating your abdominal glands and also helps you in reducing stress from your body. But it is to be noted that you need to follow some important precautionary steps before trying to practice Salabha Asana. If you have back problems then it is advisable to consult a good expert before practicing it. Also people with ulcer in stomach should be very careful and should get proper consultation before practicing this yoga. If you are a beginner then you might have to face difficulty in sustaining your legs to lift upwards. This exercise should be done very carefully so that you do not make any mistake and get hurt while performing the asana. If you feel that you have some doubts then try to clear it as soon as possible.