Dhanur Asana

Dhanur Asana

Dhanur AsanaAsanas help you in maintaining a fit body and you would be able to derive the maximum benefits by practicing this asana on a daily basis. You should make sure that you always dedicate some time to perform this yoga daily. As you know that yoga has become very important in today’s scenario as there are lots of people who overworks in the offices and neglect any type of exercises. You would be able to develop the best body by performing yoga but in this case it is equally important to know how to do it in the right way and that too without hurting your body. You also need to know all types of yoga so that you can understand their benefits as well.

So let us have a good look at the different steps that are important to take while performing Dhanur Asana

  • First lie down on the floor with your front and take deep breath.
  • Now take both your hands on the back.
  • Do not try to overstress your body
  • Next try to bend your knees in the back and that too in the direction of the sky.
  • Now with the help of your hands, try to hold your legs.
  • Next you need to lift up your head and also your entire body with the help of your hands in the backward direction.
  • You would notice that your body has taken the shape of a bow.
  • Try to breathe normally without any intervals.
  • Hold in this position for a few seconds. It should be at least 30-35 seconds. (You can slowly increase your time as you continue to practice this asana for a long period of time.)
  • Repeat the steps for 3- 4 times.

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dhanurasana stepsBenefits of Dhanur Asana

If you are person with back problems then you should try to do this asana as you would be able to get rid of this back problem when you continue to perform this asana on a regular basis. For women who perform Dhanur Asana they can get rid of menstrual problems. Dhanur Asana also helps in the proper circulation of blood in the body and you would not have to suffer from any cramps in your body. Also the internal abdominal organ gets proper toned and it helps in functioning properly. It would help your body to become much flexible and toned at the same time. It is always important to consult a good doctor before starting any type of yoga. If you are a person who has undergone hernia surgeries or have suffered from TB then it is important to get a good consultation before beginning to practice yoga. It takes a lot of time to get the perfect body posture while performing the different asanas and so you need to get some good time so that you can get the right knowledge on how to do it in the perfect manner.