Bhujanga Asana

Bhujanga Asana

Bhujanga AsanaYoga is practiced all over the world and you can find people who practice yoga on a regular basis keeps themselves fit and fine. There are many different forms of yoga and it has different benefits to offer. It is important to know the right technique on how to perform yoga so that you are able to get the best results out of it. Amongst the various forms of yoga, Bhujanga Asana is one of the most beneficial yoga that people practice all across the globe. This yoga is presented independently and you would be able to look at the change in your health in a very short duration of time.

Perform the Following Steps

The following steps needs to be taken to carry out Bhujana Asana:

  • First you need to lie down flat on your abdomen
  • Second you need to bring your palms beneath the shoulder and that too on both the sides.
  • Third you need to try your best in order to stretch your legs straight and you should ensure that you keep them close together.
  • Next you have to keep your toes pointing outward and then you have to raise your head.
  • Next you need to raise your chest that would help to contract the muscles
  • Next you have to try your best to keep the navel on the floor
  • After that you have to bring your arms into action. Here you need to ensure that you do not strain untilled your arms are straight. Make sure that you try to retain the posture for a quite sometime.
  • Next you have to lower your head and then try to return to the normal position.
  • Make sure that you try to repeat this process four to five times.

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bhujangasana stepsHow to synchronize your breath

You have to make sure that you try to take your breath in the right way. You need to breathe in when you try to bend backward and while returning to the normal position you need to exhale. You would be able derive the maximum number of benefits by performing Bhujana Asana. It helps a lot in increasing your inter-abdominal pressure and also raises your body heat as well. If you have problems of pain on your back due to overwork then this asana can help you a lot to relieve the pain from your body. It also helps in reducing your abdominal fat. For those who are suffering from constipation and indigestion Bhujana Asama can help you a lot in curing it. It also includes curing dysentery, stomach ache and the list is endless.  You would be able to tone your muscles and this asana helps you in bringing suppleness to your spine. It also goes a long way in treating female sexual disorders and helps in activating neck, shoulder…etc in a very effective way thereby enhancing your facial beauty. Performing this asana can also help you in activating your subconscious mind. Thus you have seen that there are so many benefits from this type of asana.