Benefits Of Pranayamas

types of pranayama and benefits

Benefits Of PranayamasWhat does pranayama mean? The word Pranayama is composed of two syllables Prana and Ayama. Prana suggests the understanding or the life origin. The entire play of life’s nothing, but consciousness that’s around us and within us. Everything in this world is composed of one source, one energy and that is called the Prana. Ayama means control. Pranayama means energy’s control. Your breath is as excellent as your life. You inhale take in your life source or the energy around you. You breathe in life energy. Thats the reason. Pranayama as a clinic in hatha yoga teaches you to control your breathing.

Throughout the control of your breathe you begin controlling yourself. This is the first step to the attainment of higher understanding. Towards that the reason behind imbalance in our lives is because of irregular breathing, yoga points. The diseases that have inflicted the race in the times have their roots. Ailments whether it be mental or bodily are instigated by the way that your breath in and day out. Shallow breathing – 2. Rapid breathing – Shallow breathing: Whenever you’re feeling low or depressed you’ll find yourself breathing slowly and shallowly. Your intake of air will be less and it’d be slow.

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types of pranayama and benefitsRapid breathing when you are mad or in a fit of rage your breathing is not observed by you, but if you do, it’ll be evident that it is very rapid within character. You have a tendency to take breaths in a nutshell gasps. These patterns of breath trigger an imbalance of Prana in you. The life energy is not flowing and it manifests as a disorder as anger or depression. Anyone who practices yoga would reach control over his breath. After that his\/her breathing would rhythmic and therefore your flow of life energy would be more balanced. Such an individual will never feel disturbed or succumb to destructive emotional states. The functions of breathing for explained within yoga literature – Breathing is vital to our existence and it’s a life giving force for each living organism. Yoga literature describes the various functions satisfied by the air that we breathe for below: Prana: The air circulates around your heart and provides oxygen which is vital to its functioning – Vyana: The air circulates around your body through the bloodstream and distributes your life giving force of food – Apana: The air we breathe controls your functions of excretion – Samana: The air .